Doctor time vs. Patient time

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I had to get Taylor into the doctor yesterday, so as usual I called and made an appointment. They scheduled me for 7:30pm so we could see our pediatrician, who handles the evening hours at their office. So I do my part and show up about 5 minutes early, pay my co pay, and Taylor and I take our seats in the "sick" room.

Please tell me why they would schedule my appt. at 7:30 and not be able to even call us back to the exam room (to wait even longer) until 9pm???

Now, I have doctor friends (whom I love dearly, if you're reading this!), and I'm sure that not all doctors are like this, but WHY?? Why is my time not as valuable as theirs? I absolutely LOVE our pediatrician - she has seen both kids since they were born, but I just cannot stand to have to wait like that. Especially since our med student neighbor had already looked at Taylor's ear and I knew it was infected. BUT, I called the doctor's office and they wouldn't call in the prescription without seeing him. (I know, and I understand, but it's still frustrating...)

This blog is multi-fold. I'm not just here to complain, although I've done a fabulous job of that already, right? I'd like to know if any of my mom friends out there have a Pediatrician that they really like and is just a bit timelier than mine. I hate to leave ours, but it's just ridiculous. I'd rather them schedule me later, or just tell me they're booked and can't see me, than schedule my appt. and make me wait 1:45! Yes, we didn't actually see the doctor until 9:15pm!!

Anyway, the other reason I write is to brag on my little man. He was soooooo good while we waited. He played in the waiting room very patiently, then, when we got to the exam room, I think the tiredness kicked in. He was still good, but he got a little crazy...

Here he is playing the drums on the chair... he was singing a Spongebob song (that I certainly couldn't make out) and was really getting into it.

He's not trying to eat his fist here, he was singing... that's his microphone!

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