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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Day 5 on our trip was a very special day - DAD's BIRTHDAY!!! How cool is that to celebrate your birthday not only with all of your family right there, but at Disney World!!!

We hit Animal Kingdom for the first time on our trip today. I'll admit, I thought it was just going to be an over-sized zoo, but boy, was I wrong!! Animal Kingdom was one of my favorite parks. The kids loved it and it was just very cool to walk through the different "continents" and see what it might feel like to be there.

Here is Mt. Everest. This is one of the best roller coasters ever!

What do you know? It's POOH!!! Ashton had been looking for Winnie the Pooh the entire trip and we just turned a corner and there he was! It was definitely one of the highlights of Ashton's trip.

Then there was Pocahontas...

Ah, the Triceratops Spin. This was Taylor's favorite ride at the Animal Kingdom and he made us ride it over and over and over again. He was super excited!

Both the kids wanted to get their faces painted, so that was the "souvenir" for today.

Oh, Canada! We moved back to Epcot for lunch today. This is the restaurant!

Our lunch was very good, but I have to say the highlight of lunch was dessert. Let me explain... We ordered dad a birthday cake and it came to our table with a round, plastic-looking Mickey Mouse on it. It looked like it could have been edible, so dad asked one of the waitresses that passed by if it was. She said yes, so dad took a big bite... yeah, the waitress was severely mistaken. Oh well, we all had a huge laugh!!

After lunch, we hit a few more rides before heading off to watch the Patriots lose the Superbowl :) Mission Space was absolutely, by far, my favorite ride. It was so cool, and so real!

Unfortunately Taylor was too short to ride, but he enjoyed playing the "Mission Mars" video games while we waited for Dad and Ashton.

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