Wrestle Mania.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Taylor's new favorite thing to do with Daddy is wrestle. He just can't get enough. And he certainly hasn't grasped the concept of "one last time." He and Joey have such a great time - and I love to hear Taylor's belly-laughs when they get going. Oh, to be a kid again...

Friends, food, & FOOTBALL!

Our friends Rich & Susan had us over on Sunday to watch the Patriots game on their new, obscenely huge TV. (Thus the not-so-good picture of the TV, but absolutely gorgeous built-in shelving below.)

Now, I'm not so sure about anyone else, but I'm so sick of the Patriots I can hardly stand it. For the past several weeks the only reason I watch them play is in the hopes of their opponent beating them. My one last hope was the Packers and now that that dream has died, I just don't even want to watch the Super Bowl because I'm not cheering for the Patriots and I'm CERTAINLY not cheering for the Giants!! I'm a Cowboys fan... and that would be blasphemy!!

Anyway, back to the original purpose of my blog... we actually did have a great time with Rich, Susan, Jason, and Krissy on Sunday afternoon - watching the game, enjoying some good football snacks, and each others company.

Jason & Krissy had a great time fighting over that couch :) Krissy told us this was as close as they'd get... and she was right! That lasted about 10 minutes!!

Joey & I lasted a bit longer... we're pretty serious about our football watchin'!

What's this about? Nap time during football?? Party foul!!! (Actually, at one point or another, all of the guys were asleep...)

This was too cute! Taylor and Cassidy brought the biggest dog ever down stairs... it was literally bigger than both of them put together!

Out in the wilderness

Monday, January 21, 2008

With all the cold and rain lately, it's been hard to get Layla, our new dog, outside to release some of her energy. Saturday evening we bundled up and braved the cold wind to take Layla on a walk through the trails behind our house - the wilderness, as the kids liked to call it. These are the trails that will take you all the way to O.P Schnabel Park. Joey likes to mountain bike these trails when he gets a chance.

Aside from Ashton's irrational fears of snakes sure to be hidden under every rock, it was a great family hike! Layla enjoyed it and was quite calm for at least 20 minutes when we got home. (Yes, that "headless" looking blur is Layla.)

It's been a while...

I know it seems like it's been a long time since I've posted, but really, I've been having problems with blogger. I tried to post last week and couldn't upload my pics, so that's why everything seems to be a little late... sorry.

THEN, my hubby was so sick all week :( He's getting better now, but you know how that is, when the fam is sick... everything goes into slow motion. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon.

Only 9 more days until Disney - YIPPEE!!!

It's not Jessica's fault!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ok, so I guess I can't put it off forever... yes, the 'Boys lost. It was such a sad day, we needed some time to mourn. However, I must say I thought the Cowboys played well. Marion Barber was amazing - getting his first start of the season! T.O. came back from his ankle sprain and played a great game as well.

My parents came over wearing their Cowboy's jerseys, brought Ditto, and joined us, wearing our jerseys as well... even Layla wore a jersey for a short time. Unfortunately not even all of our cheering - and believe me, there was A LOT of cheering! - could make them win. It just wasn't happening.

It's ok though, cuz we're comin' for you next year!! GO COWBOYS!!!

Long time no see!

My good friend Crissy who used to work with me at Desert Glory, called me last Friday and we met up for lunch. It was great to see her! We used to have such a good time working together, but don't see much of each other these days since she's a full-time student and I've gone on to a new company (well, two years ago...). But, when we do get together it's like no time has passed. Those are great friendships to have, don't you agree?

Joey is a dog lover!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Any of you who have known Joey for any time at all know that he is NOT a dog person. He grew up with cats and has never been into dogs. But I think it was my parents three-legged dog Ditto that wore him down. The kids have wanted a dog for a while and Joey has always said no, until last week when he called me from the Humane Society!! Yeah, that's right, he went on his own, by himself to the Humane Society to look at dogs. He was hooked.

Sunday afternoon we decided we would go as a family and look at a couple of the dogs Joey had seen and then see if we could find one we all agreed on. But we weren't going to get one until Monday (only $25 for dogs over a year on Mondays). Well, I knew this was a bad idea if we planned on not getting a dog that day because the kids were so excited.

Look what we found...

Now really. Who could say no to that face? Then we heard her story... she was picked up as a stray 6 months ago and has been at the HS ever since. She tested positive for heart worms when she arrived, but they treated her and she is now good as new! She was very timid when we visited her at the HS, but she was so friendly with the volunteers. We knew she would warm up to us once she got to know us. And besides, I felt sorry her. She had been there for so long with no one wanting to adopt her. She's so adorable, I don't understand why no one would want her. I guess God was saving her for us!

So, you guessed it. The kids fell in love, we all fell in love and we just had to have her. So now we do.

Meet Layla, the newest member of the Gorena family. Isn't she adorable?

The main reason Joey never liked dogs was because he said they stink. So I'm thinking he will now be washing Layla as much as he washes his car - every other day! (Just kidding honey!)

The kids wanted to help, so they were right there. Layla wasn't to keen on getting sprayed down, but she didn't mind the scrubbing brush at all. I guess it was like a little doggie massage :)

Yeah, momma loves you too!

Now for the grand introduction - your cousin Ditto! (Remember, the three legged dog?) Mom and dad brought Ditto over to meet Layla because they usually bring the dog when they come over or when we all go to Jason's house (my brother) Ditto plays with Junior, Jason & Ali's dog. Layla has to get in on this little clique!

Ditto wasn't sure about her... Ditto has always been the biggest dog, even though he's not that big, but now Layla is the biggest. Ditto pretty much curled up in Dad's lap for protection. Layla just wanted to sniff...

All in all I think Layla will fit right in. She's a great dog and is adjusting well to her new home.

It's official... I'M OLD!!!

Yeah, laugh if you want. I thought it happened at last year's birthday, but no. It was official this past weekend when a girl I used to babysit, who grew up to babysit my kids... hold for it... got married!!! I know, I needed some of those electric paddles they use to bring people back to life... If she hadn't looked so beautiful... she's the daughter of one of my best good friends, Shawn.

Here they are - both as gorgeous as ever!! Congrats Britt!!

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Joey and I spent New Year's Eve at Jason and Krissy's with some friends, eating some excellent chili, playing games, and just hanging out. Hope you all had a wonderful and safe New Year's! Happy 2008!

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