I win!!

Monday, December 31, 2007

Ha ha ha... my mom finally caved and now she has a blog!! Check it out!

Susan, you're next!!

Cashing in on Santa

Friday, December 28, 2007

Santa brought the kids gift cards to see "The Waterhorse" in their stockings, so again today, "Vacation Joey" wins the Dad of the Year award! (And mommy goes to work... this is no fun at all!!)

Now tell me, doesn't that waterhorse look real?? Seriously, it kind of freaked me out when I saw the pictures... lol

Out of extinction

"Vacation Joey" is in full swing and he and Mimi (his mom) ventured to the Witte Museum yesterday to take the kids to see the dinosaur exhibit. Ashton has seen it a couple of times already and said that Taylor would love it... so off they went. Mommy had to work :(

You can't tell me these aren't the cutest pictures you've ever seen! (Thanks babe! That camera phone sure comes in handy!!)

The Gorena Christmas Tradition

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Hennings always get together on Christmas Eve and Joey's family celebrates on Christmas day - works out quite well! Memaw always cooks a fabulous Christmas meal (Kathy prepares the turkey) and we eat ourselves sick. Sure is good going down, though!

Here are a few pics from "present time" at Memaw and Pepaw's. Sorry they're blurry, but I ran off and forgot my camera so Joey had to use the trusty camera phone again. What would I do without him?

The Etch-A-Sketch was one of the items Taylor circled in the Toys R Us catalog. Memaw had to get it!

More horses for Ashton... she can never have too many. Memaw & Pepaw also gave her a stable for all of her play horses. She loved it!

And a book about horses. Can you sense a theme?

Here's Pepaw with a plate full of yummy food. I love eating at Memaw's!

Santa Claus is coming to town

The sugar high is slowly fading and it's time to get into to bed so Santa can come. The kids fell asleep on the drive home, but I would never go to bed without leaving cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for Rudolph! I don't want coal in my stocking!

Santa did OK this year and brought Ashton an iDog. It dances to music and she can plug her MP3 player into it and watch it get down!

Mommy and daddy got Taylor an aquarium. He was quite jealous of Ashton's so we had promised to remedy the situation for Christmas. Seemed to work well...

Last year Rudolph left a present for Ashton and she was so excited about it that I just hoped and prayed he would remember her this year. I guess my praying worked because Rudolph left Moon Sand for the kids. As Taylor says, "I've been wanting this my whole life!"

Santa can never go wrong with Hot Wheels motorcycles!

Taylor's moon sand creation. Well, I helped, but he sure does look cute sitting there taking all the credit, right??

We're Going To Disney World!!!!!

No real cliffhanger with that title... WE'RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!!! Now for those of you who have been to Disney World, Disneyland, Tokyo Disney (yes, Kristy, I'm talking to you!) I know this may not be that big of a deal, but let me just tell you HOW big of a deal this is.

Jason (my brother) and I have wanted to go to Disney forever but it just never worked out when we were growing up to go as a family. We always had wonderful summer vacations that Jason and I will remember forever, but never Disney. So as we got older it just became the joke in our family that Jason and I were the only kids in the world whose parents had never taken them to Disney World. Well, the joke ends here!

This year for Christmas, mom & dad gave all of us - Me and my family, Jason and his family, along with mom & dad, of course - a trip to Disney World. I'm not sure who was more excited, the grandkids or me and Jason, but that's beside the point, right? WE'RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!!

Mom and dad gave all the grandkids Disney pj's earlier in the night as a precursor to the ultimate gift. No one had any idea what was coming. When it was time for the finally of the evening, mom and dad brought out gift bags, one for each person, and told us to wait to open them. They counted down... 3-2-1... and we all tore into the bags. Out came a different Disney stuffed animal with a big note around it's neck saying "Come with us to Disney World January 30-February 5, 2008, Love, Mom and Dad (or Mama or Papa)."

Here are some pics of the stunned reactions... Madi was the first to say "Are you serious?? We're going to Disney World??"

Ashton could read her tag, so she knew what it said, but I'm not sure it sank in... (Taylor had no idea what was going on but sure did love his new Pluto stuffed animal!)

Mommy explained... now he knows what's up!! "Yea! I get to see the pirates!"

Mom and dad had gotten a DVD from Disney that showed some of the highlights of a trip to WDW. We were all staring at the TV :)

Jason was the quietest of the bunch, but I think his reaction spoke louder than anyone else. He was speechless.

I think I can speak for Jason when I say that we have been blessed with two of the best parents a child could ask for. Not because they are able to take both our families to Disney World, but there is so much more. Jason and I were blessed with wonderful childhoods filled with memories of parents who loved each other, loved God, and loved us with all their hearts. They always did whatever they could to give us everything we wanted. Jason and I will never forget all the things you did for us as we grew up. We can only hope to be half the parents that you were to us.

Thanks mom and dad! I love you!

The Christmas Eve tradition carries on...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It has always been the tradition in the Henning family to open presents on Christmas Eve because everyone knows that Santa comes for Christmas morning. Even after Jason and I have married and have families of our own, we still carry on the tradition with mom and dad every year - Christmas Eve and their house with muchies and lots of fun.< This year, we added a new tradition, that oddly enough, we don't usually do - Papa read the Christmas story (at the request of the grandchildren). As you can see, Ashton listened intently to whole story and even asked questions - "Papa, what's a manger?"

A few years back we implemented a Christmas draw where we pick names and only buy a gift for one person. I highly recommend this for any of you out there who suffer from over spending during the season!

Madi got the skateboard she asked for and seemed to be very excited. Joey had some nerve trying to take it for the first test ride, but we set him straight!!

Taylor was gifted several boy toys... jungle animals, dinosaurs, airplanes...

Ashton is surrounded by loot, but one of her favorites was the princess doll from the movie Enchanted.

Dad asked for a new Dallas Cowboys hat and T-shirt, so that's what Joey bought. Ask and you shall receive!

Mom finally got her new perfume. It's a good thing, since she's been informed that it's being discontinued. Make it last, mom!!

I drew Jason's name and the suggestion I received was anything Dallas Cowboys or a gift certificate for a massage. Well, I was already at the Dallas Cowboys store, and who can pass up a DeMarcus Ware bobble head and Tony Romo pillow?? Not me!

Allison received a scarf and hat set... lookin' pretty there!!

I know, it's a big shocker, I asked for an Old Navy gift card for Christmas. I'm sorry!! What can I say, I like to shop!!!

Now here's another shocker for you. Joey asked for a body fat monitor. No, that wasn't a typo. That's my husband... and I love him dearly!

Filling time...

We had some time between Grandpa's visit and the time to go to mom & dad's, so we decided to let Taylor open his MP3 player. Ashton got one for her birthday that we had to return so she had been wanting her new one, but we didn't want to give Ashton her's without Taylor getting his (you know how that is...) so we just said to heck with it!!

Doesn't he look like a very short man?? Know what I mean?? He just looks all grown up :(

Here's my princess with her MP3 player. We loaded it with all sorts of songs that she likes but she had us remove everything but Carrie Underwood. That's my girl!

"I'm cool, guys. Just chillin' listen to some tunes. It's certainly David Crowder band."

Yeah, I know. All you northern-ers and midwestern-ers are wondering what the heck our children are doing outside on Christmas Eve with no coats... well, 65 degrees... that's what!!

Christmas with Grandpa

Joey's dad and Lynda came over on Christmas Eve day to have lunch and bring gifts for the kids - and us :) It was all we could do to keep to kids occupied until noon when Grandpa arrived. They had been asking us for two days if they could open presents!!

Taylor got a new Nerf gun that is almost bigger than he is. He loves it and shoots Nerf bullets at the garage door A LOT!!

Grandpa and Lynda picked out a very cute music box for Ashton that she can decorate herself. It came with all the art supplies to make it your own creation. Ashton will love putting this together. (She also got her first CD player, some cheerleader dolls, and new art supplies. Thanks Grandpa!)

Joey, I mean Taylor, got some pirates that he really loved! I had no idea he was so into pirates but he was super excited! (He also got a pretty cool remote control truck and a new book. Thanks Grandpa!)

Taylor goes to the dentist

Taylor went to the dentist a few days ago and as you can see, he was a champ! Joey took him and didn't have the camera, but for the sake of the blog, he used his trusty camera phone, and voila! This visit wasn't nearly as traumatic as Ashton's, where she had to have a tooth pulled (nothing wrong, she just refuses to pull her own teeth, so they get super loose and just hang there).

Taylor's just chillin' waiting for the dentist...

Joey said he was so good. When the dentist came in he just laid straight back and opened his mouth. (That got him a treat from Sonic with mommy!!)

Home field for the 'Boys

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Come on, you didn't think I'd forget the 'boys did you?? Barber had an outstanding game yesterday, and although we're still not looking like ourselves, we did pull out a win and, since the Packers were spanked by the Bears today, we've also clinched the home field for the playoffs! No worries T.O., you'll be back at home by the time that ankle recovers.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

We decorated Christmas cookies tonight and the kids loved icing the Christmas trees. Taylor did a great job!

His masterpiece

Ashton and Taylor took turns, one cookie at a time. All the cookies turned out very nice.

Ashton's masterpiece looks yummmy!

You guessed it... the kids pooped out and mommy had to finish the job. Squeezing the icing tube was not an easy task, so I was quite impressed that they iced as many cookies as they did. It was fun, though!

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